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Ask Doc Rock | To Be Something You've Never Been, You Have to Do Something You've Never Done

Dear Doc Rock,

I noticed recently that you posted a picture of yourself at age 11 next to a picture of yourself now. It is really amazing to see. It left me feeling very inspired.

What do you suggest for someone who wants to make that huge life change? Such as diet suggestions, exercise, and the mental will power something that huge takes! Thanks, Inspired


Dear Inspired,

First of all, thank you for telling me I was your inspiration for a life change. That's HUGE for me. Second, a lot goes into making a change that drastic. All I can do is give you the main pointers of what has worked for ME, but it doesn't necessarily mean it will work exactly that way for you. After all, we're all different people!! Basically, my weight cycles. In the fall/winter months I begin a "bulking phase" where I eat more calories to gain more muscle. Inevitably though, you gain a little bit of fat along the way. Typically when I'm trying to gain muscle I do more compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, clean and press, or variations of isolation exercises and basic exercises in the 6-8 rep range for 4 sets (heavier weight).

The most important part of the year is the "cutting" part of my regime where I cut weight and attempt to show off the muscle I worked hard for over the winter months. I have found the BEST way to drop weight while maintaining muscle mass, is a low-carb and high protein diet.  If I'm trying to cut down, I do a little higher rep range from 10-12 and try to complete the same exercises with slight variations and intentions. The most IMPORTANT part of it though, is the mental game. I won't lie, there will be times where it's INSANELY HARD to stick to. People will criticize you for your strict diet when you go out, but it's partly because they don't appreciate or understand the art of physical fitness and partly because they don't have the discipline to stick to something like you. You need to keep telling yourself that progress takes time and while it may be tough, that the soreness and sometimes hunger, is only temporary

Make your results be your motivator to push yourself farther and farther to the point where you think you can't take it. You'll be even more proud of yourself when you bounce back; a better, more fit, and happy, version of you.

Positivity is key, don't ever forget that! Visualize what you want to look like for a few minutes every day and eventually everything, with a little bit of determination, will fall into place to make that happen. A final thing I want to leave you with is a quote I use all the time: "Nothing Tastes as Good as Being Fit Feels." Best Wishes on Your Endeavor,


For all the readers who haven't seen the photo here it is:

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