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Hi, I'm Rock.

Through work with hundreds of individuals, families, couples, and organizations and multiple ICF-certificates under my belt, I've harnessed a profound understanding of human behavior, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal dynamics over the last decade.


I founded my practice in 2014. In this venture, I create targeted development experiences that enable hyper-successful individuals, couples, and families to move beyond success and needs-based living to an aligned and exceptional life guided by their values and based on positive intelligence. I also work with organizations to develop leaders, define and implement talent strategies that retain and attract top talent, and revamp their communications.

My clients include founders, CEOs, senior executives (and sometimes their entire families), all in pursuit of reinvigorating their personal lives, building amazing careers, and defining their shared or individual purpose. I take pride in being a co-founder of Camp Willow, a summer camp offering art, equine, music and theater therapy for children with disabilities, showing my dedication to fostering positive change beyond the corporate sphere.

Through a blend of compassion, insight, and keen intuition tailored to every person, I spark permanent, positive transformations. It's a journey towards gaining clarity, shifting mindsets, refining foundational communication and emotional skills, and building the unshakeable confidence needed to thrive as leaders at home and at work.

 Whether you're seeking a life that resonates, desiring a relationship that fulfills, sharpening your leadership skills, or crafting a booming business, remember: The blueprint is YOU.

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At Home.

While I've lived in 4 states and have visited 8 countries, I currently reside in Massachusetts with my wife Christina, our daughter Perre, and our two dogs Lily and Rosie. Christina earned a Master's in Public Health with aspirations to attain her doctorate in naturopathic medicine. One day, we hope to join forces and open our own wellness practice focused on holistic family health. 

In addition to working with teens, adults, couples, and organizations through my practice, I regularly reply to anonymous contributions on my blog, Ask Doc. Rock

In our free time (as rare as it may be) we spend time hiking, continuing our spiritual and overall wellness education, and enjoying the various beautiful moments and experiences life has to offer.

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