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Ask Doc Rock | New is Not Always Better

Dear Doc Rock,

My boyfriend really likes anal sex but I don't. Every time we get intimate with each other he thinks its ok to try it but I'm really uncomfortable with  it. How should I tell him to stop without hurting his feelings? Sincerely, Scared Girlfriend


Dear Scared,

First of all my personal opinion is that anal sex is a sensitive subject, which obviously you agree and I hope if you have done it, your partner has been using protection because many diseases can be contracted from performing anal sex.  Secondly, no one should force you into things you don't want to do you. This is a tricky situation because you don't want to upset him and further discourage imagination and future variation in your sex-life. My advice is that next time you guys are gettin' down and he initiates wanting to do it again, create a distraction. Come up with something crazy yourself! Look-up new positions you guys haven't done before and try them out! Keep it fun, keep it sexy, keep it interesting! I'm guessing he's just tired of the same old thing so if you can come up with something better, I'm sure he'd be more than happy to go along, I know I would haha. p.s. If he just is wanting something a little would suggest doing Kegels ;) Here's To Trying New Things ;),


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