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Ask Doc Rock | Nailed

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Dear Doc Rock,

HELP! I'm completely addicted to painting my nails. I paint them every single day! I know it sounds like such a dumb thing to care about, but the second I paint them I walk around unable to stop thinking about chipping them. I hate touching keys- what if they scratch my nails? I have gotten out of control. And each day I feel like I need a new color! I've always been concerned about matching my outfits, but the past 2 months have now involved matching my NAILS! I seriously don't have time to paint them  It needs to stop.

Any advice on how to curb the habit? 

(Nail girl, back again) I forgot to sign it! Sincerely, 

Afraid of a little [nail]chip


Dear Afraid,

This is a little concerning. I think you definitely just need to cool it. If you don't have the time to paint your nails everyday, then DON'T. It's one thing to be conscious of your appearance, but to match your outfit to your nails or vice versa is seriously overkill and detrimental. Do yourself a favor and whenever you get the urge to paint your nails or think about painting your nails, switch your thoughts to something else to occupy your mind and take it off of the nails. For example, when people who are addicted to eating think about food, their coaches tell them to think about going for a walk or washing the dishes instead! That's pretty much all I can give you for advice! Well.....also maybe stop putting your nose so close to the polish...I think the fumes are getting to you... Good Luck, Rock

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